My Grandfather’s Hair Pomade

Hold is one of the most important things that you need to know when you are choosing the hair pomade that you want to use. Shine is the second most important because it depends on how the grooming look should fit your personality and style. If you want to look like one of the old Hollywood actors, they use medium shine type and in the high hold. Come to think of it, how come they can keep their hair that great with even worrying about it. (At least, that how I see it, or maybe check Japanese Bikers, their hair is somewhat similar to their style).In addition, a handy hair brush should also be available just in case you need to recomb. The scent is another important factor because when it was first introduced, aside from the style and shine it gives, they smelled weird.

How I remember it is that it looks like an old butter, the greenish brown color in small packets or small tins. Once I open it, the smell reeks and is very distinct that you’ll feel how it goes through your noses and get stuck on the walls of your throat that makes you feel like a little dizzy. The only thing I can do is to keep on exhaling while trying to stay away until I reach an area where there’s a fresh air. Yes, that’s how I experienced it, and maybe that’s also the reason I get a lot of shocked looks when I tell them that I use hair pomade. It has a negative association. Grandpa just laughed at me when I told him that his hair grooming kit smells weird. Telling me that ladies dig the look ( I guess he didn’t mention the smell). It was during his era, and I have no idea; maybe it’s the “in” thing during that time. Who knows, right? However, let me tell you. His hair looked impressive, which made me think, someday, I’ll have grandpa’s hairstyle.

My grandmother used to tell me that I should not use my grandpa’s hair grooming kit at all because I’m going to smell like an old man while pointing to my grandfather. It’s not that it has something wrong with it, and it just smells weird. However, due to research and technological advancements, manufacturers nowadays can now customize the scent and even the color of every tin – on top of the shine and hold. You can get different types of hold and shine with different types of smell and color. The customization is somewhat endless.

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